Possible DUI Accident Injures 3


jpalinsad360Mistakes are something that happens to everyone. Sometimes, these mistakes lead to injuries — or even worse. But should anyone ever have to pay for a mistake with a loss of reputation, or the loss of much of his or her life through extended jail time? What if the mistake is made by the authorities who arrest someone on charges that are not true? Not every driver who crashes a car is a drunk driver. It takes a skilled legal mind to sort out these questions.

A pedestrian was critically injured after being trapped under a vehicle in a chain-reaction crash, according to Los Angeles police.

A driver, whose identity has not been released, hit a parked vehicle and the pedestrian at around 3 in the morning, said a Los Angeles police sergeant. Some witnesses said the unidentified pedestrian may have been struck before the car.

A traffic officer stated that the pedestrian was standing outside a vehicle when the suspect’s car struck both the vehicle and the victim.

The Los Angeles Fire Department was alerted by a witness, said a spokesman for the LAFD. Two people were taken to a hospital trauma unit in separate ambulances.

It is possible the driver will face DUI charges, according to the police sergeant. The identity of the driver was not released to the press.

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