Possible DUI Driver Kills Six in Crash

download (54)There are occasions where a crash turns into something quite a lot more.  A 22-year-old woman was driving her Camaro east on westbound 60 when she ran head-on into another vehicle. The four people in that other vehicle, an SUV, died in the crash.  There were also two others who died as passengers in the 22-year-old’s car, described as friends of the driver by police.

Several people reported spotting the driver going the wrong way.  There were some who were described as swerving and taking other evasive action from the young Camaro driver.

A judge recently determined that there was enough evidence in the case to warrant that the Camaro driver be tried for murder.  The defense attorney mentioned that there should have been more to stop the wrong-way driver.  There was also mention that there was not enough evidence that the driver of the vehicle was under the influence of alcohol.

The driver apparently had been warned about drinking and driving in the past.  There’s an arraignment on February 25th to determine what type of charges will be filed.

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