Pregnant Woman Injured in Taxi Cab after Chase

Using cell phones while driving is illegal in many states across the U.S. Although the reasons behind this law are obvious, there has been the need for numerous campaigns to educate drivers on the true impacts of cell phone use while driving. More and more, this has been the main cause for many road fatalities.

On April 21st at approximately 11:15pm, a taxi driver transporting a pregnant passenger was stopped by police officer for operating his cell phone while driving. The driver refused to stop however and attempted to get away; the Garden Grove police pursued. Upon reaching an intersection, the driver known as Luis Santoya, aged 29, crashed into three other vehicles after ignoring a red light. Santoya lost control which resulted in the overturning of his vehicle. Occupants of the three vehicles involved sustained minor injuries and both Santoya and his heavily 7 month pregnant passenger were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

April is observed as Distracted Drivers Awareness month, which has police placing heavy emphasis on drivers who text and talk while driving. According to Lt. Jeff Nightingale, Santoya is not new to law breaking as he has been stated to be on probation for drug related issues and driving without a license. California state law mandates the “hands free” operation of any cellular device while driving. Other states such as Connecticut, District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, Washington has already signed on the no cell phones law. Since its introduction, undoubtedly many lives have been spared and one can only hope that other states while follow.

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