Racing Sting Nabs 76 People

download (54)Efforts on the part of a multi-agency task force focusing on combating impaired driving and street racing have resulted in the arrest of 76 people in the downtown Los Angeles, Carson and South Bay areas.

According to officials, the task force consisted of 26 officers from the California Highway Patrol, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and officers from several local police departments. Officers patrolled downtown Los Angeles on Saturday night and pulling over those that were suspected of being impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Saturday night’s efforts yielded 29 arrests of suspected DUI drivers, nine traffic citations and 26 vehicles were impounded.   On the following night, the task force focused on Carson and South Bay areas to curb street racing and other related activities.  Sunday night’s efforts by law enforcement resulted in 47 misdemeanor arrests for driving on a suspended license, and illegal street racing along with 54 impounded vehicles.

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