Residents Push for New Regulations after Child is Slain

download (13)If something positive could happen after 10-year-old Alexys Garcia was struck by a car near her school, it would be that residents of her community in San Gabriel are now pushing for more traffic safety regulations and crossing guards in order to protect kids’ safety.

Last week when Garcia was leaving for the day from Jefferson Middle School, she was struck by a car. The accident gave her a skull fracture, a broken jaw a, cheekbone fracture and a fractured pelvis.

Alexys Garcia’s family and friends showed up at the next City Council meeting in San Gabriel in the hope that the city would enact new safety regulations. The family contended to the Council that the accident that left Alexys injured may well have been prevented had there been a crossing guard.

The San Gabriel City Council released a statement that said: “City officials have already begun to reach out to their parents in Temple City and L.A. County to analyze the incident and the intersection, and the city is committed to determining whether there are ways to prevent it from happening again.”

Members of the Garcia family are not satisfied with the response and think the increased safety measures should be done immediately.

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