Road Rage to Blame for Serious Crash

Car accidentA multiple-vehicle crash in San Bernardino is being linked to road rage. The wreck left several people injured, according to police.

On April 11, officers received a report of vehicles racing in the area of Little Mountain and Kendall Drives. The report came in at approximately 6:30 p.m. Just minutes later, police received multiple calls detailing a crash that occurred at Third Street and Kendall Drive. Witnesses who called police said that there were several vehicles involved.

Police responded to the scene and found that the accident had involved four vehicles. One of those cars had crashed into a pole. While it was not immediately clear what led to the accident, police are investigating it as a possible incident of road rage rather than racing.

The wreck left a trail of obvious damage. There was debris strewn about the roadway and two of the vehicles appeared to be damaged beyond repair. Several people were sent to the hospital. Injuries sustained were reported to be mild to moderate. There was not an exact number regarding the people who had been transported.

Road rage is considered to be very serious by local police. If you encounter road rage or are the victim of it yourself, officials suggest keeping your cool, not engaging the agitated party, and calling for help.

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