San Bernardino Police Make Several Arrests, Impound 25 Vehicles in Saturday DUI Patrol

IRS08eThe police work hard to keep us safe, but sometimes someone innocent can be caught up in their efforts to protect us. At other times, people are arrested and charged far more harshly than they should be. Who these people choose to defend them from prosecution is one of the most important decisions they can make at such times.

A DUI patrol in San Bernardino resulted in the arrests of eight people for DUI following field sobriety tests, according to police. Four others passed and were allowed to go free.

Five of the arrested suspects had been allegedly driving after drinking alcohol, while the other three were arrested under suspicion of drug use, according to a police statement.

California’s Office of Transportation Safety funded the extra patrols with a grant. They ran for an eight-hour span, starting at 6 on a Saturday evening, said a traffic sergeant in a news release.

Almost 60 vehicles were pulled over during that time period. Others were arrested for different reasons, including two outstanding warrants and another for non-DUI charges according to the sergeant.

Tickets issued included 20 for various traffic violations, six for driving on suspended or revoked licenses, and 14 more for driving without a license, said the sergeant.

Twenty-five vehicles were also impounded during the patrol.

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