Split Decision in Hit and Run Case

download (24)A San Diego man has been convicted of hit and run driving after an accident in 2013. He has been sentenced to four years imprisonment.

According to court documents, Angelo Fabiani’s truck tumbled over an embankment and came to rest on its side on a retaining wall.  Fabiani unbuckled his son’s car seat but then walked away from the crash after the child tumbled an additional ten feet and onto the pavement below. Fabiani’s son died as a result of head injuries sustained in the crash several days later.

During the trial, Fabiani’s attorney claimed his client was suffering from shock. In a split verdict, jurors found Fabiani guilty of hit-and-run but not guilty of felony child abuse.

There is nothing in the world more tragic than losing a child as the result of an accident.   Even the best parents can make unwise choices when faced with such a horrific tragedy.  Being accused of child abuse or neglect on top of that can be devastating. The best defense in any kind of legal situation is having an aggressive defense. If you or someone you care for is arrested or charged with a crime, one of the first calls you need to make is to Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox. Each of our attorneys is trained in both criminal defense and criminal prosecutions. No matter what the situation is, we have all of the skill and expertise needed to protect you and defend your rights. Contact us today for your free consultation and legal analysis.

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