SUV Meets Bar in Unwelcome Way

download (90)It’s a simple mistake that all drivers make at some point. Sometimes we hit the wrong pedal. Often this can lead to a crash. That’s what one Santa Ana woman is facing.

An SUV crashed into the Mama and Friends Bar on West Edinger Avenue near Fairview just before 1 AM. The investigation revealed that the woman driving the SUV had lost control of the car and hit the wrong pedal to stop. She landed on the front deck of the bar where patrons were gathered.

Fortunately no one was injured in this accident. The police also believe that the woman was sober at the time and there was no citation issued. However, the bar has been condemned temporarily for electrical issues and needs a big cleanup.

Business insurance will likely cover the damages, but there are instances where that’s not enough. If people had gotten injured in the crash that would be another level of liability for the driver as well. When people get into accidents, there is always the possibility that compensation will need to be paid to make up for what happened.

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