The Fast and Furious on The 105

Alta VelocidadeThe 105 freeway was shut down Sunday reminiscent of a scene straight out of Hollywood. A strong show by three separate police agencies quickly shut down the “Fast And Furious” style race.

Officers from the California State Highway Patrol, Los Angeles Police Department, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department responded to the incident on the 105, resulting in multiple high-speed chases.

Many participants were taken from their vehicles and given field sobriety tests, resulting in several arrests. Other participants were frisked and witness to having their vehicles searched. The total number of arrests was not immediately available, but witnesses to the incident report seeing “dozens” of people placed in patrol cars.

The three law enforcement agencies prevented the racers from blocking the highway to normal traffic.

According to CHP Officer Tony Polizzi, “We investigated and determined who the involved parties were that initiated the closure attempt.” Further adding, we “conducted appropriate enforcement action, and then released traffic.”

There were no injuries reported to anyone involved in the incident, suspects and law enforcement officers included, and the race remains under investigation. Charges are being pursued for narcotics violations, firearms violations, stolen vehicle possession, and numerous Vehicle Code sections.

It is assumed that no racer involved in the incident intended to cause harm to innocent bystanders, but that is exactly what could have happened had it not been for the quick response by the cooperating law enforcement agencies.

Polizzi explains, “This growing situation draws in spectators who create a public safety hazard through their unsafe driving, obstruction of public roadways, and increasingly violent behaviors.” Polizzi did not expound upon his statement, failing to point to specific examples of past races.

Unfortunately, innocent people are at a very real risk when races such as these, either impromptu or planned, take place on public highways. Not only are the drivers placing themselves in harm’s way, but they pose a very real danger to bystanders and anyone utilizing the roadway in a legal manner.

Although they may be thrilling for participants and willing witnesses, these races have no place on the state’s highways. If you have fallen victim to these illegal drivers, the experienced attorneys at Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox, LLP are here to assist you. If you have been injured due to the illegal activity of others, you may be due significant compensation. Contact our experienced attorneys for assistance immediately. We are happy to review your case at no charge to you. Call now!

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