Tow Truck Driver Slain in Hit and Run

Graham RichardsonCould it have been a single moment of inattention that led to the death of Ricardo Valdez?  Tow truck drivers risk their lives every day picking up abandoned cars and helping out in wrecks. A moment of inattention from anyone involved can lead to death and injury.

Valdez was doing his job, operating his tow truck around Cedar Avenue south of Interstate 10 in Bloomington.  An ordinary day with attentive drivers whizzing past the job he was working. They were making sure that he was not hit where he was working on the side of the road.  His luck ran out when he was struck by a Nissan Altima.

Even worse, the driver fled the scene of the accident, perhaps not aware of the severity of the injuries that were caused.  Perhaps the driver was afraid of what would happen if they were caught.  Valdez was rushed to the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, but paramedics and medical professionals were not able to help him recover from his sustained injuries.

If you have caused an accident, don’t run from the scene.  The consequences for running away are severe, and, when piled on to the original charges, are usually not worth the trouble. If you are injured though, you need an injury lawyer on your side that can help you get back on your feet. Give us a call if you were injured in an accident.  We can help.

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