Two Vehicle Crash on Busy Road Injures Four, 2 Critical

Ricky NorrisTraffic in Orange County can be horrendous anytime, but especially in rush hour.  This causes drivers to be less cautious.  Common unsafe driving habits observed during rush hour include, speeding through intersections, following too close, moving too fast for the driving conditions and disrespect for other drivers.  Often times driving aggressively does not get you there any quicker and sometimes it causes accidents which slow you and other drivers down further.

Two vehicles crashed in an Irvine intersection Thursday afternoon injuring four people.  Two of the injured suffered critical injuries.

On Alton Parkway and Red Hill in Irvine, the Orange County Fire Department responded to an accident that had backed up traffic in both directions for quite a distance.  Alton is used as an alternate route to the 55 Freeway which makes traffic heavier and accidents more frequent in this area.

There is no information as to what caused this accident or the extent of injuries suffered by the four involved, only that they were all transported to a local hospital for treatment.

According to the National Safety Council, speeding is the lead factor in traffic crashes.   Safety campaigns addressing other dangerous behaviors such as drunk driving and not wearing a seat belt has significant reduced injuries and deaths caused  by those behaviors, but helping the public understand speeding takes lives and causes unnecessary injuries is still a challenge.

Surveys regarding speeding have found that drivers think speeding is a threat to them when other drivers speed, but don’t find their own speeding as a significant threat.  No matter who is speeding, it is a threat to everyone on the road.

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