Two-Year-Old Girl Critically Injured When Ejected From Van in Accident

injurylawyersbcIn Lancaster, a 2-year-old girl was critically injured when she was ejected from a van died at Antelope Hospital.  The girl’s mother and grandmother were also ejected from the van in the two-vehicle collision.  The accident happened on Saturday evening in the intersection of 25th Street East and Lancaster Boulevard.

The 2-year-old’s injuries were so severe that she could not be transported to Los Angeles Children’s hospital for treatment along with her three siblings, also involved in the crash.  The mother of the 2-year-old girl, Herminia Espionoza, 57-years-old, died at the scene of the accident.  The grandmother suffered serious injuries.  The other three passengers and the driver of the vehicle were also injured in the crash.

Investigators believe the Nissan van did not stop at the intersection and was hit on the passenger side by a Hyundai Sonata. It appears at this time that no one was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the collision.

In 2007, 42 percent of all passenger vehicle occupants who were killed in an auto accident were not using their seatbelt.  It is estimated that many of these deaths would never have happened if the passenger vehicle occupants had been buckled up.

Recently, the national campaign of click it or ticket has made a significant difference in seat belt use across the US and in turn, it has made a huge difference in reducing the numbers of accident related injuries and deaths.  From 2004-2008, it is estimated that seat belts saved more than 75,000 lives.

Today, it is estimated that 88 percent of all drivers nationally use their seat belts.  A study by the NHTSA in 2009 showed that more than 1,600 lives and more than 22,000 injuries could be prevented if the seatbelt use went up just two percent in every state.

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