Uber Self-Driving Cars Back on the Road

Ride sharing app on mobile phoneUber’s self-driving cars were temporarily banned from the street in Pittsburgh and Arizona. Today, they are back on the road. The temporary ban was the result of an accident in Tempe, Arizona. According to local police, a self-driving Uber car was in a rollover crash but found to be not at fault in the accident. The crash resulted in the temporary halt to testing of the vehicles.

It was not the first time that Uber’s self-driving cars were pulled from the road. After failing to comply with regulations in California, the state refused to allow the company to continue its program of testing vehicles without drivers. When Uber was no longer permitted to test in California, they moved their tests to Arizona, a state without regulations for self-driving automobiles.

Uber has not only come under fire from various state agencies, but from Google as well. The Internet and technology giant has accused Uber of stealing intellectual property and trade secrets. Google has filed a lawsuit against Uber.

Uber is not having the best time of it lately. From being kicked off the road, to fighting with Google to facing customer boycotts, the company is having difficulty maintaining its image. The company has plans to hire a COO in an attempt to fix their issues and their reputation.

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