Video Catches Driver Going Backward for Four Miles

downloadA widely distributed cellphone video managed to capture on camera a motorist driving on one of the city’s busiest roads for four miles in reverse.

The Los Angeles Police Department said though they don’t know who the driver is, they are currently investigating the incident that they consider to be one of the most reckless they have ever seen.

The vehicle is described as an Audi and there were two people in the car at the time of the incident; a man driving with a woman in the passenger seat.

The cellphone video was released to various news agencies and online and was shown to LAPD officials. The car in the video had dealer plates. Police indicated their intention to contact the dealership in order to track down the driver. The driver, when he is caught could face arrest on several charges.

The video, while entertaining, more than likely frightened other drivers who were also on the road at the same time. It only takes a minor slip up and such a stunt could have had tragic results.

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