Waitress Confronts Dine-and-Dashers, gets Ran Over

download (19)A waitress’ sixth sense about a group of customers has landed her in the hospital with injuries after she was ran over. The incident happened in Anaheim. A group of young people when in to a local restaurant for lunch. The waitress had a suspicion that the group was going to leave without paying their bill.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what they did. When the waitress went to confront the group about paying their bill, politely, they turned around and laughed at the waitress and kept going. The waitress followed, hoping to get a license plate number to report to the police. The black Jetta they were driving didn’t have plates.

On the way out, the group of people ran over the waitress and kept going. She was injured, but has since recovered. Meanwhile, the police were able to locate the black Jetta and arrest the four people involved. As of the time of the article, they were all in jail awaiting trial.

This is a particular egregious act of hit and run. Most hit and run drivers hit someone accidentally, then get scared and drive away. If the events of the case are true as reported, this was a deliberate act that could land all four of them into some serious legal hot water, especially the driver. It could also open up the way to an injury lawsuit.

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