Was this crash because of a DUI?

Victor CasaleWhen you combine underage alcohol use with driving, a dangerously potent mix is made. Three people in a restaurant in Perris were injured, one critically, after crashing into a restaurant in the middle of the afternoon on Sunday. The suspect was trying to leave the parking lot, but lost control and drove into the building instead. He was booked on suspicion of felony DUI resulting in injuries. Two employees and a patron were injured, one critically.

We don’t know how the teenager was tested for DUI, but there are some suspicions about how the teenager could have gotten drunk. The suspect was 19 years old, but where did he get the alcohol? Did he get it from the restaurant, or did he manage to drive to the restaurant while drunk and then left afterward?

The car will also have to be analyzed for any equipment failures. Sudden equipment failure can make cars do weird things. There is also simple driver error. Young drivers frequently make errors that can lead to an accident without any alcohol involved.

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