Woman Clings to Life after Nightclub Beating

David MeadowsMost personal injury claims come from the result of an accident of some kind. A crash at an intersection, a slip and fall, something along those lines. Less common are accidents that result from the deliberate actions of another person. This is a crime, and it is subject to both criminal and civil penalties. In one case in the news, the victim may never get to face her attackers again.

A woman was beaten unconscious outside of a Santa Ana nightclub last Saturday. She is now on life support and fighting to stay alive. The police say the incident happened around 12:30 AM. She was waiting to enter the club with some friends, but they got into an argument of some kind with another group of people. It erupted into a fight. The woman was left unconscious, and that is how the police found her.

Her condition is so bad that her sister is considering her to be passed away. One suspect has been arrested, but four others are still at large. Police are looking for witnesses, and a local business coalition is offering a reward.

No one expects to be attacked while going out. The medical costs for taking care of this woman will likely be high. Such cases deserve justice, and that is what we do at Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox. We defend people’s rights all over the San Bernardino area. Call us if you need help.

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