Cocaine Found in Apartment Leads to Arrest

A 22 year-old Hollywood man has been taken into custody after Simi Valley Police Detectives concluded a recent cocaine-sales investigation.

Simi Valley Police Department officials say that Daron Holmes III, 22, was taken into custody after fleeing from officers in the area of Yosemite and the 118 Freeway. He was found at the scene in possession of a loaded pistol and half an ounce of cocaine, officers said.

Authorities served a search warrant at Holmes’ residence after his arrest and found additional cocaine exceeding one ounce, firearms including a pistol, shotgun and a Tec-9 automatic weapon and $15,000 in cash.

Holmes was booked on charges of possession of narcotics for sale, sale of narcotics, possession of drugs with armed and loaded firearm, carrying a concealed firearm, carrying a loaded firearm in public, possession of an assault weapon, possession of high-capacity magazines, resisting arrest and conspiracy to commit a crime. He is currently being held at the Ventura County Jail.

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